Patrick WakerSupport Services Manager

Patrick is an expert in the field of Aviation MRO, particularly in relation to the sale and implementation of Aviation MRO software, with experience of the technical, commercial, logistical and financial business processes of the industry and an understanding of the keys to commercial success. He has been marketing, selling and implementing solutions for Tracware since April 2002.
After graduating in Law, Patrick held managerial positions within organisations renowned for their service-orientated approach before joining the Aviation MRO industry in 1991. He was responsible for managing Production Control, administration and finances of a number of commercially successful MRO businesses, notably the Small Engine Overhaul Division of GAMCO / ADAT (now Turbine Services & Solutions Aerospace) based in the UAE, where he progressed to Finance Director before returning to the UK in 2000. From July 2000 he sold and implemented generic Business and Accounting Software solutions before joining Tracware.
“I joined Tracware when it was just a fledgling business, and sometimes I find it hard to believe just how far we have come. We enjoy great relationships with our customers, which I think is because we choose to do things the right way. This is frequently not the easiest or most profitable method, but the one that ensures quality, stability, service, value for money and does not compromise the pledge we make to our customers. The result is an outstanding product, which is being used and supported successfully all over the planet by a wide array of customers. “We appreciate that implementing a fully integrated business system is a significant undertaking, so we never take for granted the trust that our customers showed in us when they selected Aerotrac and will always be grateful to them.”

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