Aerotrac provides you with real-time information on stock holding, value and ageing. Tracware has linked with to simplify the often laborious tasks of reducing excess stock and selling slow moving parts, is an on line “virtual” warehouse that has been developed to allow Aerotrac customers to share their stock information with each other, either within a private group or publicly. Data upload is automated from the SQL database to display your stock to a worldwide audience, whilst protecting sensitive information.

The site is free to use and also available to non-Aerotrac customers. For non Aerotrac users, stock information can be added via Microsoft Excel, or line by line. In addition to advertising parts for sale there is also a ‘Wanted’ section.

Avinet Pty Ltd

Tracware Ltd. and Avinet Pty Ltd are pleased to announce that they have signed a collaboration agreement to integrate their respective products Aerotrac and Air Maestro. Avinet provides Air Maestro® a hosted, online software application designed to give you control of core Operational and Safety information which will empower you to effectively manage your business and assist with achieving regulatory compliance.

B&H Worldwide

Aerotrac provides our Customers with a fully integrated ERP solution that covers all the prime business activities, however, this is only part of the picture. The ability to control in-house MRO projects and plan material requirements also necessitates a fully coordinated logistics operation.

To address this Tracware has partnered with B&H Worldwide – a long established, privately owned freight forwarder who specialise in providing logistical services to the aviation and aerospace communities, 24/7 via their network of offices worldwide. B&H Worldwide has invested heavily in IT and provides their customer base with online tracking of imports and exports, via their ‘On Track’, web-based tracking system.

Conduce Group Ltd

Tracware Ltd and Conduce Group Ltd are pleased to announce they have signed a collaboration agreement that the two companies working to integrate their respective products.

Conduce Group provide software and business solutions to a wide range of industries including the aviation sector and have developed a fully compliant eTechlog and Electronic Flight Bag (EFB). The eTechlog is an electronic replacement for an aircrafts paper based Log Book and can be operated on a large range of portable devices including ToughBooks/pads and various tablets. The eTechlog forms and integral part of the aircrafts systems and can be and also real time data transfer of Flight Ops and Engineering data.

Caylon Limited

Caylon Limited is an independent strategic advisory company principally focused on “utility aviation”. In conjunction with its partner companies, Caylon offers the following services: Strategic advisory, aircraft acquisition and leases, aircraft re-marketing, business planning for customised air services, disposal of distressed or non-core assets, technical services and asset tracking.


Design Inc

Design Inc is an integrated marketing and design agency. We specialise in the general aviation sector, working for manufacturers, aircraft fleet operators, aviation service businesses, flight brokers and professional services companies. We understand the industry and have learned insights. We know what works and what doesn’t and are taking our clients forward into the digital realm. We combine results driven innovative web based branding and advertising campaigns with more traditional marketing and CRM methods.

The Aviation Club

The Aviation Club of the UK was founded in February 1990 to create a networking forum for members and a vehicle for promoting and developing all aspects of civil aviation.
The Club has more than 500 professional members from a broad cross-section of the civil aviation community. Their membership is drawn from airlines, airports, finance houses, manufacturers, regulators, and the media. Membership of the Club is open to individuals with a business interest in the civil aviation industry.
Some of the most influential figures in the aviation industry have spoken at their monthly lunches which is held at the Institute of Directors building in central London. More than 200 Chief Executives, Secretaries of State and other leading opinion formers have addressed the audiences, many of them making the next day’s headlines.

It’s (Aerotrac) made a very positive contribution to the business. We were creating work-arounds to manage the short-comings the our previous system, which was time-consuming. Aerotrac is now the single source of information for almost everything from a technical, commercial and even a financial perspective.

Andy Webb, Director, Skysmart Ltd.

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