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Tracware involvement in a client’s operations often migrates upstream towards the more strategic role of Process Improvement Consultants.
The primary purpose of implementing software is business improvement. The introduction of a new application with improved functionality, slicker processes, better availability of reliable data and optimised reporting are a fundamental part of this. What begins as a software implementation invariably grows into a full-blown review of who does what and why, with a view to defining ownership and doing things more efficiently.
Tracware understand the importance of managing this process. Our personnel have extensive experience of implementing the software, and practical hands-on commercial, technical, logistical and financial management know-how. Often acting as Process Improvement Consultants to the client’s business, we understand how MRO facilities operate, and appreciate the benefits the software is designed to bring.
Tracware pass on this know-how to our customers during the standard implementation process, however, it is not always adopted. Whilst our primary obligation is to install and implement the software through training and data set-up, process change has to be enforced by the customer. This is an aspect that is often over-looked, generally due to a lack of resource.
Consequently Tracware offer our expertise as Process Improvement Consultants to the client business. Service; which involves reviewing and formalising the business processes, helping the customer achieve any of the following:

  • Create flow charts that mirror the business processes within the organisation
  • Create Technical Procedures that the user can follow
  • Create and agree a list of primary, secondary and tertiary objectives that are achievable and measurable
  • Clearly define areas of the business that need improvement
  • Assist in re-defining business processes where required
  • Manage the change
  • Maximise the benefits that can be obtained from the software
  • Measure improvements
  • Create a sustainable business-model to take the company forward

‘Centralised Production Control System’

For those businesses in need of more than a simplified re-structuring of the organisation, Tracware act as Process Improvement Consultants and offer detailed plans on how to overhaul and re-define the business processes by adopting the highly successful ‘Centralised Production Control System’ business model, which is suitable for organisations of all sizes.
This extends far beyond redefining roles and processes; it is akin to a fundamental re-education and then re-organisation of the business structure and business processes. It has the potential of improving performance in almost all aspects of the business.

Back in 2001, we understood that implementing Aerotrac was a risk, but it is undoubtedly one that paid off. Aerotrac has been a mainstay in helping to ensure the consistency of our business. It has been a fantastic investment that has paid for itself many times over.

Mike Gunter Snr, President, Essential Turbines Inc.

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