What is Aerotrac?

Aerotrac is a functionally-rich ‘Process Control Software’, which has been developed specifically for the Aviation MRO industry by experts at Tracware Ltd in the UK. You are welcome to download the Aerotrac Introductory Brochure (PDF), or read on for more details.

What is Process Control Software?

Aerotrac Aviation MRO Process Control Software provides functionality which is designed to manage workflow and the business processes that are specific to the commercial, technical, logistical and financial processes of your Aviation MRO Organisation, many of which are unique to the industry. All the functions are fully integrated, so that any data is added just once and then shared and utilised in other areas of the business. This reduces duplication and leads to greater consistency and a regimented, disciplined approach in performing day to day tasks, thus accelerating the process and improving control.


Who uses Aerotrac?

  • Part 145 Aircraft Maintenance providers for both fixed and rotary wing aircraft.
  • Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisations (CAMO)
  • Aircraft Modification service providers
  • Engine and component MRO facilities
  • Piece part rework and processing services
  • New build / manufacturers
  • Parts distributors

Whether you are a business involved in one or all of these activities, Aerotrac is the fully integrated solution you need to move your business forward. The software is designed to meet the needs of all kinds of Third-Party MRO providers and OEM’s or those simply looking after their own fleet.
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What makes Aerotrac different?

Aerotrac is a comprehensive commercial ‘off-the-shelf’ software application that offers a wide array of functionality as standard. Aerotrac has ‘evolved’ since 1999 with the collaboration and input of customers worldwide. Tracware has forged unique partnerships with our clients and the End-Users to harness hundreds of ‘good ideas’, which are then incorporated into the software in a consistent, regimented and integrated approach. The result is Enterprise Resource Planning ‘Process Control’ software that effortlessly delivers results.
Please download the Aerotrac Introductory Brochure (PDF).


  • Increase profitability
  • Improve efficiency
  • Reduce costs
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve accuracy of data
  • Reduce errors
  • Increase visibility of your business performance
  • Improve cash flow
  • Improve control
  • Maximise use of resources
  • Enhance customer / supplier relationships
  • Improve safety
  • Greater mobility
  • Utilise data
  • Enhance performance

Technical Overview of Aerotrac

Aerotrac has an outstanding track record of stability, using leading edge technologies based on industry standard Microsoft applications. Aerotrac has intuitive operation and complete data security and integrity. Aerotrac is a three tier Windows® – based client-server application which utilises Microsoft SQL Server database technology compatible with versions 2008-2019. The software is capable of being deployed via. remote desktop services.
The Aerotrac Web-Interface (AWI) offers additional web-based functionality, which utilises the latest .Net technologies.
Aerotrac links seamlessly to a variety of accounting software worldwide, with the option of utilising API technology to provide real-time integration and reporting on Purchase / Accounts Payable, Sales / Accounts Receivable and Nominal / General Ledger activity.
Please download the Aerotrac Technical Specifications (PDF) for full technical specifications and minimum recommended hardware requirements.


Aerotrac has had a hugely positive effect on our business, enabling us to do more with less. We increased productivity and lost a number of staff through natural wastage with no adverse impact on the business whatsoever. We were able to re-deploy support staff to roles that added greater value. We have significantly reduced our overheads as a result, such that Aerotrac has paid for itself many times over.

Martin Bowman, Managing Director, Kearsley Airways Ltd

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