Aerotrac v2.50

Aerotrac v2.50 is the latest edition of the Aerotrac family, utilising the latest Microsoft technologies and incorporating all the functionality, modules and features that have been integral to the evolution of the product over two decades. New web-based functions are designed to complement the core functionality. For more details, please view the Aerotrac Web Interface page.

Complete Control of your business processes through comprehensive functionality

Aerotrac was designed from the outset to control the Technical, Commercial, Logistical and Financial business processes that are specific to Aviation MRO in one seamlessly integrated application, which is a direct reflection of what happens in most MRO organisations.

Technical Processes

Aerotrac is a tool designed to help users perform a multitude of critical and laborious technical tasks simply and accurately. Aerotrac has functionality designed to ensure accountability, traceability and control. Specific examples of technical processes covered include:

Aircraft Maintenance
  • Detailed ‘Hangar Projects’ suitable for either Base or Line Maintenance inputs for all aircraft types, with unique Task Ref numbers for traceability of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance
  • Industry-standard, configurable Technical Documentation (work-packs) for scheduled tasks and Unscheduled Defects (NRC’s), Continuation Sheets, Panel Removal / Refits, Component Removal / Refit cards, Control Cards, Specimen Signatures, Tool Control  etc.
  • Integration of your own standard MS Office technical documentation, PDF’s, images etc.  is possible as part of the standard Work Pack ‘Print Pack’ option
  • Inspection Workbench function for hangar floor integration, including electronic parts requisition and in-house / sub-con rework requests, raising of defects, updating of work carried out, and controlled processing of robberies
  • Simple, rapid generation of large, detailed Hangar Projects for ad-hoc third-party maintenance
  • Software generated CRS and Log-Book Certification
  • Integrated Defect Reporting for Reliability
  • Cross referencing , Zones, Trades, Maintenance Sections etc
  • Standard Management Reports
  • Hangar Projects also include aircraft modifications, for the incorporation of STC’s and approved design changes, with links to manufacturing Work Orders for the design and manufacture of associated mod kits / components
Continuing Airworthiness Maintenance Planning
  • Aircraft Maintenance Status management integrated with default MSG-3 compliant Maintenance Programmes, suitable for both fixed and rotary-wing aircraft
  • Control the periodicity of Scheduled Inspections, Out of Phase Tasks, Publications, MEL/ Open Defects, Modifications and Component Removals using templated Task Cards which include associated panels, tools, materials and standard hours for performance management
  • Templated Aircraft Life Limited Component Configuration Control  including Additional Equipment and Role Equipment
  • Maintenance Forecast reporting functions for aircraft, components or the fleet, including calculated due dates using average flight hours or pre-defined scheduled flights
  • Complex Life Limited Parts calculations (N1/N2, RIN, Abbreviated Cycles etc)
  • Enter aircraft flight utilisations, delays, fuel / oil & fluid uplifts, PIREPs and print utilisation reports for aircraft, engines and other assemblies
  • Aircraft Modification Status reports & Defect Reporting
  • Component Log -for full component maintenance status and maintenance history tracking both on and off-wing, including simple and controlled  removal / refit process of complex assemblies (and child parts) from one airframe to another
  • Full maintenance status and history accessible in a single screen
  • Create multiple aircraft maintenance programs for the same customer for the same aircraft type
MRO – Engine & Component Overhaul & Repair / Piece-Part Process Management
  • Detailed ‘Workshop Projects’ to control maintenance, repair and overhaul work-scope inputs for engines, components and piece-parts
  • Part Master defaults define capability listing, applicable Airworthiness Release Certificate types, commercial & technical classification and life-limitations
  • Default ‘Route Masters’ control the path that any input will follow through the facility, referenced to applicable manuals, work-centres, tooling, and estimated time to accomplish each task for performance management purposes. Options include standard generic routes, component rework and complex repair schemes for piece-part processing.
  • Industry-standard technical documentation (work-packs) linked to Route Masters & Workshop Instructions for detailed documentation, or integrate your own standard MS Office technical documentation, PDF’s, images etc. as part of the standard Work Pack ‘Print Pack’ option
  • Bill of Materials (BoM) to define standard builds of engines & component assemblies
  • Inspection Workbench for shop-floor integration, enabling engineers to record results, make electronic parts requisitions or route parts for in-house or sub-con repair and updating of work carried out
  • Software generated Release Certification (all Airworthiness Authority Release Certs are incorporated as standard)
  • Component Log Cards for life-limited components
Manufacture & Modification
  • Create detailed multi-level Manufacturing Work Orders for the design and manufacture of components and phantom parts
  • Create Route Masters with detailed instructions, set-up / run times and links to separate drawing, tool registers and publications
  • Work Orders automatically link to Issue Controlled Routes, BoM’s, Publications, Drawings, Kits and Tooling
  • Generate industry –standard documentation (Work Packs) with a quick ‘Print Pack’ option
  • Perform Work Order Inspections to pass / fail material at an Inspection Stage
  • Assign auto-serialisation of serialised components
  • MRP / MPS feature available
  • Link with both Workshop & Hangar Projects for the modification of higher-level assemblies
  • Engineering Change Notes
  • Concession Management
  • Production Permits


Commercial Processes

Aerotrac was designed from the outset to manage the commercial business processes specific to any aviation mro organisation offering maintenance services to third parties. Aerotrac offers a wide array of commercial functionality that is fully integrated with the technical, logistical and financial functions ensuring complete and accurate data, improving service levels and customer perception.

Commercial functionality includes:
  • Detailed MRO Quotations & Project Estimates including technical content
  • Project Invoicing for both hangar and workshop inputs
  • Sales Quotations & Sales Order Processing for ‘over the counter’ parts sales / Parts Distribution
  • Project Material Review process
  • CRM tools
  • Bar-Coded Time Collection
  • Planned Arrivals
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Selling Price options
  • Exchange & Rental Management (including mid-stream exchanges)
  • Job Costing / Margin reporting
  • Discount structures
  • PMA control
  • RMA Control
  • Fixed Price Billing
  • Contract Management
  • Service & OEM Warranty Management
  • PBH
  • Customer owned property


Logistical Processes

Disciplined inventory management is fundamental to success in aviation MRO. Enhanced stock control is at the heart of Aerotrac, with a wide variety of tools that improve material planning, save time, provide in-depth analysis, offer structure and discipline and vastly improve the overall control of the business’s most valuable assets. Features include:

  • Interactive Dashboards to assist with materials management and ordering
  • Multi-Warehousing
  • Multiple Stock Conditions
  • Product Group & item (ABC) classification
  • Stock Movement Categorisation (Active / Slow Moving)
  • Ageing Stock Analysis
  • Perpetual Inventory Counting
  • Consignment Stock / Customer Property
  • PMA Parts control
  • Re-Order Point / Re-Order Quantity (Min / Max) calculations based on user-defined algorithms, usage, cost, lead-time etc.
  • Shelf Life material control
  • Rotable Pool / Capitalised Assets control
  • Re-Order Reports
  • Full Purchase / Sales Order Processing
  • Semi- Automated Ordering and Expediting
  • Complete transactional history with drill-down
  • Visibility of Release Certification, Life Limits etc
  • Project Material Review process·
  • Exchange Control
  • Suggested Alternatives
  • Automated generation of Purchase Orders
  • Material shortages analysis
  • Auto-generation of Sub-Con Repair Orders & Sub-Projects for in-house repairs
  • Kits
  • Consumables
  • Commercial & Financial Controls
  • Stock Allocation & Picking
  • Warranty Control
  • Marshalling Screen with colour-coded icons denoting status / disposition of all material requirements.


Financial Processes

Management of the detailed financial processes is an intrinsic function of Aerotrac, which seamlessly integrates all activities with financial impact to the appropriate Ledger Transaction file. Sales / Accounts Receivable, Purchase / Accounts Payable and Nominal / General Ledger activities are all captured and can be transferred to a compatible accounting solution of your choice. Mirror your Chart of Accounts so that Aerotrac can provide audit-trail type reporting to facilitate easy reconciliation, including summary and detailed Work in Progress and Cost of Sales reports. Features include:

  • Optional real-time two-way data transfer to compatible accounting software using an API
  • Data transfer (via .csv file) to standard accounting solutions (restrictions may apply)
  • Financial Holds
  • Stock Valuation, WiP & PRNI Reports that roll-back to previous periods
  • Ageing & Slow-Moving Stock reports
  • PRNI reporting / Sub-Con Stock Accrual
  • Instant Work in Progress valuation
  • Detailed WiP & Cost of Sales reporting
  • Purchase Invoice / Sales Invoice posting
  • Nominal Journals feature, including Reversing Journals & Timesheet Journals
  • Debtors / Creditors & Account Statement Reports
  • Customer / Supplier Account History visible without access to the accounting software
  • Simple Period End routine
  • Capitalised Asset control
  • Multi-currency – including Spot Rates
  • Multi-level tax (VAT, GST etc)
  • Stock up-lift
  • Freight Provisioning
  • Warranty Management
  • Contract Management


Quality Processes

Aerotrac functionality has always had quality control built into every process, from Part Master control to Repair Order Receipt Inspections. A full Quality Management module is now being developed to harness these processes and provide specific functionality for QA Managers to be able to analyse data and record results. The following features are already included:

  • Capability Management
  • Full Technical Library / Publications control
  • Publications review function
  • Tooling Register for management of calibration & maintenance plans on tools & GSE
  • Audit functionality (internal & external)  to record non-compliance, corrective actions required and conformance
  • Vendor Rating – based on delivery performance & rejection
  • Reliability reporting for aircraft & components
  • Engineer & Pilot Licence & Training Records
  • Technician Approval Ratings
  • Full Release Certification
  • Change Control on both manufacturing & MRO
  • An Engineers Log Book feature provides an historical record of work performed by each engineer on specific aircraft, engines and components

I could not believe how effortless it was to get our repair station on your MRO Program nor could we believe how you have fully incorporated Quality, Materials, Finance, Work Orders, and Shipping & Receiving into the same module at a fair price.

Dwight Cox, President, Southwest Airmotive

Prior to the installation of Aerotrac back in 2014, Oakenhurst had spent the previous 18 years running a software system that was bespoke & developed ‘in-house’. Due to the business growth it was ever more apparent that the current aviation MRO software package was not fulfilling our increasing demands and needs. Several software packages were considered over a lengthy period of time, and after face to face meetings the professionalism of the Tracware team shone through and their Aerotrac package was selected to support our MRO business activities moving forward.
After nearly 4 years of running Aerotrac we can safely report that the decision and direction was the correct one. Tracware support has been thorough and responsive to our requirements, the software has enabled rapid business growth and allowed 80 % more through put without an increase in staffing, something that our previous software would not have enabled us to do.
Tracware continually demonstrates through all of their team, that their support is second to none.

Gareth Cronk, General Manager, Oakenhurst Aircraft Services Ltd.

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