Aerotrac is a functionally-rich ‘Process Control Software’, which has been developed specifically for the Aviation MRO industry by experts at Tracware Ltd in the UK.
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Aerotrac v2.50 is the latest edition of the Aerotrac family, utilising the latest Microsoft technologies and incorporating all the functionality, modules and features that have been integral to the evolution of the product over two decades.
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The Aerotrac Web Interface (AWI) is a powerful feature using Microsoft’s latest cloud-based technologies. The AWI is now the focal point for all major future developments of Aerotrac and the hub for integration with Aerotrac v2.50 and other applications.
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Clients include small regional airlines, civil defence / military and business jet operators, FBO’s and companies that specialize in providing commercial third-party Base and / or Line Maintenance to airlines, executive jet operators and the light aircraft market.
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