Aerotrac Web Interface

Aerotrac Web Interface – AWI

The Aerotrac Web Interface (AWI) is a powerful feature using Microsoft’s latest cloud-based technologies. The AWI is now the focal point for all major future developments of Aerotrac and the hub for integration with Aerotrac v2.50 and other applications.
The AWI enhances access to your data, making information available on handheld and touchpad devices to those with controlled user permissions, including those who may not have direct access to Aerotrac – such as customers. The AWI will significantly improve mobility, facilitating the performance of key tasks where access via a mobile device is clearly beneficial.

Aerotrac of the future

The AWI will become the next generation of Aerotrac. The AWI already includes new modules and features that integrate with the main Aerotrac application, but are distinct from it. Functionality also exists that reflects aspects and screens of Aerotrac almost exactly, but that include dashboards with extra information, offer greater flexibility in terms of who can access the information and an improved all-round experience for the user.

Aircraft Management

The AWI offers an enhanced view of the status of your fleet.  This information is also available to the customer, limited to their own aircraft. The dashboard uses images that reflect the operational status of both the fleet and each aircraft.

The data for each aircraft can be interrogated linking directly with the Aerotrac database for the most up to date maintenance status.

Many of the screens are formatted in the same way as Aerotrac, for familiarity and ease of use.

Additional Features:

MRO (Part 145)

The MRO (Part 145) feature is currently under development, but is already utilising data from Aerotrac to provide dashboard information on a range of subjects, including the progress of both aircraft and workshop maintenance inputs, manufacturing Work Orders, Planned Arrivals  and Employee Rostering.

Each of these functions will use data directly from Aerotrac to indicate progress, the calculated completion time of the project and whether the job is on schedule.

A key function going forward will be the ability to calculate capacity requirements based on current and scheduled workload, taking into account staff availability and their level of licence coverage. All the fundamental criteria and functionality to create this data is already available in Aerotrac, including material costs – even cash flow implications.

Aerosector – Electronic Tech Log

Aerosector allows the creation of secure paperless Sector Record Pages via a touchscreen device, be it IOS, Android or MS Windows and has been developed to provide a real-time interface with Aerotrac v2.50, using standard web browsing technology via internet or 3/4/5G connectivity.

One of the primary functions of Aerosector is to prevent overruns and unauthorised flights. Pilots are required to check their own medical records, licences etc. and then review aircraft availability and serviceability, including outstanding defects and scheduled maintenance events. The pilot can then clear any pre-flight checks and record fuel, oil and fluid uplifts. They can also report any defects, MEL’s and delays using standard IATA delay codes.

Aerosector will then create ‘paperless’ tech log entries which will synch flight data, take-off weights, flying times, hours, landings, lifts, engine starts / cycles and any Tech Log defects reported in flight directly with Aerotrac v2.50.

MRO’s using Aerotrac v2.50 will receive real time flight data that will provide visibility of maintenance requirements and greater control over serviceability of the aircraft. CAMO’s can also offer ‘AeroSector’ to their customers as a value-added service, giving their clients a simple on-line view of the availability and status of their aircraft or fleet.

Aerotrac Mobile(ATM) – Mobility for Engineers

ATM allows Engineers/Technicians to manage Hangar & Workshop Projects & Work Orders via a touchscreen device, be it IOS, Android or MS Windows and has been developed to provide a real-time interface with Aerotrac v2.50, using standard web browsing technology via internet or 3/4/5G connectivity.

Parts and tooling can be called up, Scheduled tasks can be viewed and links to the OEM websites can be established allowing real-time access to Maintenance Manuals, in addition OEM Publications can be viewed, time can be booked and unscheduled tasks/defects can be generated.

Once complete all tasks can be signed off – including Independent Inspections – using unique PIN control thus providing security and a paperless workpack.

Online Shop

The AWI also includes an ‘Online Shop’ function for the simplified sale of material. This is suitable for both Parts Distributors and MRO’s wishing to display stock that is available for sale and accelerate and simplify the Customer RFQ and Sales Order process.
The Online Shop directly accesses data from the Aerotrac database in relation to stock, selling prices, customer discounts, payment terms etc and allows for a large degree of automation in the creation of Sales Quotes and Orders. Potential customers can view stock levels, stock types, images and prices for an item and then add it to a shopping cart. They can then continue browsing or arrange shipment details if different from standard and then pay via the Checkout function.

The Online Shop will continue to be developed as part of the Advanced Parts Trading feature in Aerotrac.


The AWI is also the platform through which it will be possible to interface with other applications. Aerotrac already has well-established Application Programming Interfaces (API) with a  number of accounting software used worldwide.
The AWI enables this API functionality to be taken to another level, allowing for integration with almost any related application. The AWI already facilitates integration with the ‘Air Maestro’ Safety Management System –  and the website, for the purposes of marketing free stock and MRO capability. The AWI can equally be used to link to ILS, Partbase, OneAero and many others.
The AWI can be used for even more ambitious projects, such as linking to other MRO systems used by a customer. The AWI can be used to facilitate the transfer of data relating to work carried out on an aircraft maintenance check, so as a task is cleared in Aerotrac, it automatically updates the customer’s record.
Aerotrac has already been linked to major ERP Systems in the past . For example, Aerotrac has been linked with a major OEM’s SAP system in the past, mirroring, validating and transferring(real-time) all the data related to a major aircraft modification programme. This functionality is already embedded in the AWI using structured XML data files, offering full error checking and auto-email alerts.
Crucially, the AWI is supported by Tracware’s expertise in understanding the purpose and nature of the data to be transferred.  Tracware have a proven track record of creating flawless interfaces.

Aerotrac is a now fundamental part of the business has been instrumental in helping us control all aspects of our highly complex business.  The Part-M, Part-145, Part 21J & 21G processes for both fixed and rotary-wing aircraft are all managed by Aerotrac with complete integration into the logistical, commercial and financial processes.  It is a remarkable business tool.

Henk Schaeken – Managing Director, Specialist Aviation Services Ltd

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