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About TracWare

Major milestones

2016 - TracWare continued to develop Australasian customer base and established TracWare Pty Ltd., based in Adelaide.

2015 - launch of the first AeroTrac Platinum 2.50 site (Specialist Aviation Services) and AeroTrac Web Interface (AWI).

- launch of the first AeroTrac sites in Indonesia and mainland China.

2013 - TracWare receives first order for AeroTrac installation in East Africa.

2012 - TracWare receive first order for AeroTrac v3.00. This version is being currently under development and utilising modern Microsoft .Net technology and is targeted at airlines and larger corporate customers.

2011 - Cobham Aviation Services go live with AeroLink, web based data transfer application used to interface Airbus Military SAP system with AeroTrac for use on MoD A330 FSTA programme.

2010 - record year for implementations, upgrades and new sites with over 20 sites either selecting AeroTrac, or electing to upgrade

2009 - launch of the first AeroTrac Corporate V2.40 site (Cobham Aviation Services Ltd.)

2008 - launch of the first AeroTrac site in the Middle East (ADAT-SEOD)

2007 - launch of the first AeroTrac site in Asia (Jet Asia)

2006 - launch of AeroTrac Premium V2.30 (Cobham Aviation Services)

2004 - launch of the first Parts Distribution module (CSE Parts Supply)

2004 - launch of the manufacturing module (Britten-Norman)

2002 - launch of the first Flight-Based Maintenance customer (London Helicopter Centre)

2001 - Inaugural launch of AeroTrac V2.20 (Aeromaritime - Malta)

April 1999 - Company incorporated