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Major milestones

June 2013 - TracWare receives first order for AeroTrac installation in Africa.

June 2012 - TracWare receive first order for AeroTrac v3.00. This version is being currently under development and utilising modern Microsoft .Net technology and is targeted at airlines and larger corporate customers.

Sept 2011 - Cobham Aviation Services go live with AeroLink, web based data transfer application used to interface Airbus Military SAP system with AeroTrac for use on MoD A330 FSTA programme.

Dec 2010 - record year for implementations, upgrades and new sites with over 20 sites either selecting AeroTrac, or electing to upgrade

Sept 2009 - launch of the first AeroTrac Corporate V2.40 site (Cobham Aviation Services Ltd.)

Oct 2008 - TracWare are appointed as an Approved Reseller of Access Dimensions

Jan 2008 - launch of the first AeroTrac site in the Middle East (ADAT-SEOD)

Nov 2007 - launch of the first AeroTrac site in Asia (Jet Asia)

Jan 2006 - launch of the first AeroTrac site with real-time links to Access Dimensions

Jan 2006 - launch of AeroTrac Premium V2.30 (Cobham Aviation Services)

May 2004 - launch of the first PartsTrac Parts Distribution module (CSE Parts Supply)

Feb 2004 - launch of the first ProTrac Manufacturing module (Britten-Norman)

June 2002 - launch of the first Flight-Based Maintenance customer (London Helicopter Centre)

March 2001 - Inaugural launch of AeroTrac V2.20 (Aeromaritime - Malta)

April 1999 - Company incorporated